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Be it a medley, or an opera, music has always lifted spirits like nothing else could. In keeping with that philosophy, Anja Nissen school is one of a kind music school based in Australia that looking to impart education in music with the use of latest technology. The Anja Nissen School, therefore, has a specially designed curriculum to teach from scratch and helps students learn the essentials of the art.


In doing so, we aim to use experts in several different fields. For instance, we have experts in the use of specialized music tools to experts in several instruments including violins, guitars, and whatnot. Our teaching team, therefore, is a blend of the modern and the old and look to impart their expertise to students under their tutelage.

our teaching team

our teaching team

Stella Lindley

Dance Teacher

But it is not just instructors that make an institution grand. The Anja Nissen also takes care that it provides its students with all the amenities that our students need to learn music

Donald Martin

Music Master

 Be it world-class equipment or proper seating space and learning areas, we offer it all.

Gaby Williams

Sound Expert

But if you are wondering how your kindergartner could learn music at such a young age, leave it to us.

We provide classes

We offer our services for all age groups and provide classes in different age groups according to their comprehension levels. That is how we cater to anybody and everybody that comes up to us.

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Monday- Thursday:8:00-18:30 Hrs
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So, you can come up to us and get all your questions answered. You can visit us at Millbrook Rise, 3 Hobart Rd, New Norfolk TAS 7140, Australia. You could also call us on our phone: +61 3 6166 0557 Or email us at [email protected]